POWERFEED #006 Released featuring INFOCHAMMEL XL


Los Angeles, Ca

Monrovia, CA based internet television juggernaut INFOCHAMMEL interNetworks today released the long sought after sixth installment of it’s POWERFEED telechunk clusters. POWERFEED #006 unlike the five previous installments includes adults only material as part of the INFOCHAMMEL XL (Extreme Latenight) programming block. It showcases the breakthrough “EROS Video Restaurant” programme which until today’s YouTube release has only been available exclusively on INFOCHAMMEL ROKU, a free high definition public service television offering on the ROKU set top box platform.

POWERFEED #006 is available free of charge to subscribers over the age of 32 (units) by clicking HERE.

For more info contact:

Labes Polelerbose

Subscriber Relations Dept.

IC Substation 32, Bell, CA

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