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MAKEASHOW - Step 1 Submission Form

  • The first step of MAKEASHOW is to just submit your concept for a text show for approval. If you are submitting other pre-made, non-text show content, then use that section below. By submitting a MAKEASHOW concept that you intend to produce, you are entering into a partnership agreement with InfoChammel where the show's ownership will be shared between you and InfoChammel with a split negotiated on good faith upon completion of the first episode based on the involvement of the 2 parties (Yourself and InfoChammel), in the case that the show becomes a profitable success. If you have a concept you DO NOT intend to produce, you are giving the full rights and ownership of the show's concept to InfoChammel to produce with no promise of any compensation. That being said, if we like and use your idea there will be some colors coming your way. By submitting a show to MAKEASHOW, you agree to fully allow InfoChammel Networks and is related entities, the full non-exclusive non-revocable worldwide rights to display this show and/or concept in their content for the next 11,000 years.

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