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A BUYASCREEN offering.  Your Words and our custom commissioned design on International HDTV!  Digitally Handcrafted.  One of a kind Human Designer created HDTV Numbered Artwork.  Your purchase supports InfoChammel’s Public Service.  Purchase this POWERSCREEN and have it put on the 24 Hour streaming HDTV Network, INFOCHAMMEL to be telecast in PERMANENT ROTATION for the duration of the network (up to 11,000 years!) Plus each screen has your Chammelidenti ID ScreenTag.  HD 1080 screen emailed to you and aired on InfoChammel for up to 11,000 years.  Negative or Hurtful messages may be rejected- we are a positive HDTV network! With POWERSCREENS you are commissioning artistically designed one of a kind screens- no changes allowed afterward.

Enter POWERSCREEN text (up to 5 words).
Enter Tag line (up to 47 characters including spaces).
Enter Preferred Screen color/ Text Color (We’ll do our best).
Enter Chammdentifier ID (your handle- for On Air- 9 characters maximum).
Any offensive content will be censored but still broadcast,  screen will be shared both uncensored/censored by email. No advertising allowed for basic POWERSCREEN.  POWERSCREEN screens can be seen on the POWERSCREEN text program on INFOCHAMMEL, as well as potentially incorporate into smaller bumpers and promo spots.
Each POWERSCREEN screen costs $3 with Introductory Pricing.


  • Please list any additional notes here
  • InfoScreen Checklist: 1. Is the screen NOT portraying something negative horriblehateful unless it's considered funny? 2. Is the AD NOT for anything illegal or sexual in nature? 3. Is there any reason your screen might be problematic for television broadcast? 4. By submitting your screen, you agree that the content is not intended to harm or defame anyone, does not violate someone else's copyright, and you agree to fully indemnify InfoChammel from any damages that might occur as a result of your screen. You also agree to fully allow InfoChammel Networks and is related entities, the full non-exclusive worldwide rights to display this screen in their content for the next 11,000 years. Remember: Any offensive content will be censored but still broadcast. No personal phone numbers or personal information please. INFOCHAMMEL can refuse an ad for any reason. Your screen will still need to be approved for Chammelcast and may have vulgarities censored, but you will be emailed the uncensored version.



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