‘STOPPLE’ aquires InfoChammel PowerScreen #00000000001

(Image of extremely RARE InfoChammel PowerScreen #00000000001 issued to user Stopple)


Miami, FL

Fale Quanabana Reporting

In what could turn out to be one of the most lucrative acquisitions in TV Art history, InfoChammel released the very first PowerScreen #00000000001 to a buyer only known by their Chammelidentification ID handle of “Stopple”.  The price was listed at $3.00 USD on’s InfoStore, however, the payment system at the time had been having issues at InfoChammel’s Financial Interface, so it is assumed the payment might have been waved.  Experts are initially putting the intrinsic value at 1-1.5 Million (CC – Chammel Colors) although it most likely has a face value of 16 colors.

InfoChammel’s PowerScreens are digitally hand crafted human designed custom minimal HDTV text screens that bear the message of the one who has purchased it.  They are sent to their owners digitally and have several high tech security features incorporated.  After purchase, the user’s PowerScreen will go into permanent TV rotation on InfoChammel for up to 11,000 years.

Currently, InfoChammel has not announced any MAKEASCREEN submissions or CLASSIFRIED-X custom classified HDTV screens, leaving one to speculate that these offered InfoChammel features may still have First or Early numbered original digital HDTV artworks available.

For More Info:

Hawl Mangely

InfoChammel 88th Division, Redondo.

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