InfoChammel Premieres “4 Cats Only”


La Crescenta, CA
InfoChammel Montrose Content Release Division

Tonight alternative HDTV Network, INFOCHAMMEL premiered  “4 Cats Only” a unique HD InfoText show which provides positive frequencies and subliminal HyperLearning to common house cats. The material has been designed to be effective whether or not the cat or cats are paying attention and do not even need to be in the same room as the HDTV screen. Chief Technologist Fred Furner stated “This is just the beginning- be on the lookout for other species specific programming in the future!”.  Officers of the network seemed pleased with the 9:33pm and 9:47pm repeat viewing numbers.  Kifford Manglin of IC Montrose was shy about offering up the exact viewing numbers but did say “More than 47 by a percentage”.

“4 Cats Only” is available ONLY on Infochammel Roku and plays every Thursday and Friday nights at 9:33 and 9:47 YLT (Your Local Time)

If you have a Roku then sign up for InfoChammel Roku HERE for Free.

For more Info on 4 Cats Only, contact:

Mayline Hubbamaw, Sr. Cat InfoText Supervisor Hickory Hills, IL

at subject matter “Cats O”

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